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How To Write A Case Study Professionally

Writing a case study has never been easy. It is a document that contains a detailed analysis of a certain problem, whether it is a situation, subject, or person. A case study may focus on a business concept, institution, a group of people, or the latest news. When creating content for a case study, you need to collect lots of information and evidence, including data on the background, provide an appealing thesis, and offer the best solution. Sounds difficult? Unfortunately, it really is especially if you don’t know how to format a case study.

But we have good news: you don’t have to be an experienced marketer or a university student to succeed. Below we will discuss the main requirements and guidelines needed to master the task. After reading them, you will surely come up with your own case study that will impress the teacher, professor, client, or employer!

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How to Format a Case Study

Every case study paper starts with collecting information and creating an outline. When you have solid evidence, it is the right time to start working on the first draft. If you have worked on a research paper, the task will seem simpler because their structures are very alike. Here’s what you should include in every specific section to render a great story:

  • Executive summary. Here you should provide an overview of the case study and its key points. This section is important for understanding the future arguments and findings.
  • Introduction. Like any other paper, a case study requires an introduction. Don’t forget to insert background information, thesis statement, reasons for selecting this particular topic, and purpose of the study. If possible, explain the subject’s relevance and motivate the audience to read further by including a great hook.
  • Methodology. Even though the methods differ depending on the chosen subject, you should still present the tools you have used to find arguments and solutions. These may be surveys, data mining, and so on.
  • Findings. This section consists of the things that you have found throughout the research. They may be either theoretical or practical issues. For better clarity, describe each finding separately, explain its importance, and back each claim with credible evidence.
  • Discussion. In this part, students need to conclude all the findings based on the way they are interpreted. A good discussion section should summarize key points, suggest solutions, and indicate strong and weak parts of the finding.  
  • Conclusion. As usual, a conclusion summarizes your whole case study. However, you shouldn’t restate the main findings or use the same phrases as other researchers use in works on the same topic. Try to show how your case study stands out and what makes it useful for the discipline, market, or even society.
  • Recommendations. This part can be either included in the conclusion or be a stand-alone section. Here you identify the best solutions for the discussed issues and back this choice with evidence.
  • References. Don’t forget to make a list of the sources you have used to create your case study. To do everything correctly, find out what formatting style is required in your institution. For example, MLA, Chicago, or APA. Each of them has its own guidelines.
  • Appendices. Most case studies include separate sections with additional materials for a better understanding of the topic—for instance, pictures, charts, and tables.

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