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While studying at a higher educational institution, students perform various scientific and qualification works. One of the popular types of scientific work of students is a persuasive essay. It is an independent scientific study that has the appropriate structure, and internal system, and reflects the progress and results of a particular topic. The persuasive essay completed by the student should:

  • Correspond to the modern level of development of science (its theme should be relevant);
  • Reflect both general scientific and special methods of scientific knowledge, the legality of the use of which is fully justified in each case of their use;
  • Include a generalization of previously known provisions from other scientific positions or in a completely different aspect;
  • Contain fundamentally new material, including a description of new facts, phenomena, and patterns;
  • Anticipate elements of scientific controversy;
  • Provide strong and persuasive evidence in favor of the chosen concept, comprehensively analyze, and conclusively criticize opposing views.

The essay shows the student’s ability to competently conduct research, process, systematize, interpret, and classify the results.

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Practice shows that writing a good persuasive paper is often a difficult process. In this type of work, it is important to provide arguments and evidence that will convince the reader of the veracity of the stated position. It is necessary to adhere to a certain structure of the text, to present the material in a logical sequence. You should also not forget about the correct design of links and work in general. Faced with difficulties, many students think about solving the following pressing issues:

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Write My Persuasive Essay as Best as Possible

When you contact us with the requests like “help to do my persuasive essay”, “Persuasive essay buy”, “Buy a persuasive essay online”, etc. you probably want an experienced professional writer to do good research, find excellent arguments, and provide vivid examples. Read the material in this section carefully to find out how your order will be carried out and what kind of text you will receive as a result of cooperation with certified persuasive essay writers.

Thus, since the main purpose of a persuasive essay is to convince the reader of the correctness of the stated position, the assignment is usually carried out by a specialist who knows perfectly the different ways of persuasion. Persuasion means, on the one hand, the multifaceted influence on a person in order to form some qualities and deprive others, and on the other – the motivation for a certain action. It is a great art that requires knowledge of human psychology, the laws of ethics, and logic.

Persuasion consists of a hypothesis (what needs to be proved), evidence or arguments (that by which the hypothesis is proved), and demonstration (method of proof). Persuasion is usually consistent, logical, and as convincing as possible. The important point is that in convincing others, the individual himself must deeply believe in what he is reporting.

Basic Rules of Persuasion

Here are the basic rules of the persuasion, which the persuasive essay writer follows when writing. They may help you:

  • The first one is called Homer’s rule. It argues that the order in which arguments are presented directly affects their persuasiveness. It is recommended to adhere to the following order of presentation of arguments: strong – medium – one strongest;
  • The second one is called Socrates’ rule. According to it, the correct answer to an important question can be obtained by putting the question in third place. That is, initially you need to ask the interlocutor (reader) two simple questions and then present the third question;
  • The third one is called Pascal’s rule. It indicates that it is not necessary to drive the interlocutor (reader) into a corner. It is important to give him the opportunity to maintain his dignity. This is due to the fact that nothing is more disarming than the conditions of an honorable surrender.

Persuasive Essay Structure

Taking into account the above rules and specificity of persuasion, a professional writer creates a unique persuasive text that consists of three key parts and has a good argumentative paragraph:

  • Introductory part. The introduction substantiates the relevance of the research topic. It defines the purpose and objectives of the study. The structure of the work and its main content are briefly revealed. An obligatory part of the introduction is a brief review of the literature on the research topic, which includes the most valuable publications. It covers current and unresolved issues on the topic;
  • The main part of a persuasive essay for sale is executed accurately and competently. Its main provisions and ideas are formulated clearly. Here the results of theoretical and practical (if provided by the topic) research are presented and comparative assessments are conducted. The main part involves the presentation of arguments to confirm the stated idea. It is here that facts, evidence, and examples are provided. The presentation of the material is clear, specific, covers only those issues that relate to the topic and are organically related to it;
  • Final part. The main purpose of this part is to summarize the work done. Conclusions are presented in the form of some concise provisions and guidelines without undue argumentation. The conclusion usually corresponds to the objectives of the study. It notes not only the positive things that were identified as a result of studying the topic, but also the shortcomings and problems of a practical nature, and specific recommendations for their elimination.

At the end, a list of references and additions are provided. After writing, the author checks the completed text, corrects errors, and sends the completed work to the customer. The requirements for high-quality persuasive essay writing are always met. 

How Does a Persuasive Essay Writer Deal with Plagiarism?

There is probably no person who would order persuasive essay writing help and not worry about plagiarism. Producing plagiarism is considered an offense today. It requires proper assessment and responsibility of the person involved. The use of plagiarism is a direct violation of academic integrity. So, no one wants to buy a plagiarized paper and become an offender.

By ordering a persuasive essay on this website, you can be sure that you will receive a plagiarism-free persuasive text. Professional writers are very negative about the use of other people’s materials without mentioning the author, because they understand that this is unacceptable today. They create persuasive essays from scratch, thus, achieving a high level of uniqueness in each written text.

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