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140 Best Research Paper Topics for 2021 (with Examples)

Possessing a complete list of research essay themes can make learners believe that one of the task’s difficult elements is completed. Nevertheless, research paper topics still require you to perform sufficient research and collect a lot of information and details from trustworthy sources to finish your research paper. That is why again, this can be really difficult as a lot of things depend on what type of paper you are required to compose. Is it expected to be a humorous one, an exciting one, a debatable one, or an easy argumentative essay?

How to Choose a Topic for a Research Paper

Choosing research themes can be a nightmare to every college learner since you are supposed to compose something unique even if nobody requires you to perform some innovative discovery, particularly not during the first years of your education process. Nevertheless, several pieces of advice on how to choose a topic for a research paper can make the entire process greatly simpler.

Selecting an Area of Interest

Many students ask themselves: how to pick a topic for a research paper? The research essay themes aren’t simple to determine as there can be various areas. However, you can always choose an area of your interest. If you want to select powerful research paper topics and interesting elements to research, take some time and think about what makes you excited about a particular problem is a great starting point. This is, eventually, of high significance as you cannot dedicate yourself sufficiently to composing an excellent paper if you cannot be involved in this matter.

When you succeed in determining good themes for a research essay and which theme can be interesting, you should review possible materials you can utilize to develop your research. You need to examine the possible materials attentively if you want to make the correct decision which topic you can completely work on and develop it to an entirely another level. 

If you shun this action, you can end up placing yourself under stress to satisfy the delivery date of your assignment, themes, research essay submissions. Talking repeatedly, if you like carrying experiments and your selected research theme enables you, perhaps you can conduct a survey with your schoolfellows’ assistance and compose a paper after investigating the data.

Creating a Research Matter

Themes for research essays can be challenging, but the most difficult element is linked to creating a research matter. This is where you have to carefully consider what your assignment will focus on and what your readers can discover thought-provoking. You have to be able to motivate readers to view your research paper despite the fact that they aren’t aware of much about the topic itself.

Use Brainstorming to Get Research Theme Ideas

Highlighting time, experience, and abilities to complete your essay on the basis of perfect research needs high self-discipline. Nevertheless, if you seem lost at any point searching for research essay ideas, you can ask your schoolmates about research essay ideas. Usually, receiving several viewpoints can assist you in brainstorming research paper ideas really better. Additionally, you can always ask for advice from your educator, who can help you determine a matter or an idea you should accomplish.

Develop a Thesis Statement

Some learners yet state: one of the difficult elements of composing a research essay was a development of a thesis statement. During the studies, learners have the possibility to compose a lot of writing papers on a diversity of disciplines. Still, they never needed to develop a thesis statement. That is why many educators promote learners to question for assistance in order to possess powerful possible ground statements for their research paper themes.

Powerful and Simple Research Topics 2021

If you are looking for the best things to research, you are in the right place. In the article, our urgent essay writing service will provide around 200 powerful research topics for 2021. Let’s get started with simple themes:

  1. The phenomenon of anime: why is it so popular?
  2. Is variety a good element during teamwork, and provide reasons?
  3. Is the traditional music of a nation more significant than the foreign music that is listened to everywhere?
  4. Why can one sport be more well-known than another?
  5. Imagine our world without the findings of Nikola Tesla. Would it be different?
  6. Name the most widespread hobbies with kids and grown-ups in a neighborhood.
  7. Name hobbies you are able to perform within your land, still not during your traveling overseas. Provide reasons.
  8. Ways of handling procrastination.
  9. Name the stereotypes that are connected to people from your land. Is there any truth in them?

Interesting research themes

  1. Are more adult people always wiser and right in their decisions and views?
  2. Do you believe that technology can bring about a gap between generations?
  3. What are the differences between friendships among men and friendships among women?
  4. Do you believe that amusement parks possess an educational goal except for an entertaining purpose?
  5. Name other popular proverbs, for instance, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” that can be in your language.
  6. Name reasons people in your country are happy.
  7. Name reasons some nations are more cheerful and more prosperous than others.
  8. Does the success of a human depend in general on his/her beauty?
  9. Plastic surgery: name some advantages and disadvantages.
  10. Ways of improving your communication skills with friends, relatives, co-workers, and unknowns.

Debatable Themes for Research Essay

  1. Provide ways of right punishment for serious criminals.
  2. Name causes of crashing two modern planes and what can be performed to prevent future accidents.
  3. Ways of preventing growth in the number of homeless kids.
  4. What is the futurity of religion?
  5. What is the ethics in the environment of cam girls?
  6. What is the descent of all terrorist assaults in our world?
  7. How does a transgender feel in modern times?
  8. Ways of dealing with a great number of immigrants.
  9. Is it possible for police unions to avert corruption?
  10. What actions can developed countries perform in order to support underdeveloped countries?

Funny Research Essay Themes

  1. Ways of stopping to be a lazy bone.
  2. What is the origin of celebrating Halloween Day?
  3. Name several advantages of drinking energy drinks and coffee.
  4. Name several ways to finance a trip around the world.
  5. Name the funniest historical figure, and provide your reasons.
  6. Imagine you can turn into an animal; which animal would you select to be?
  7. Why do people mispronounce .gif?
  8. Do you believe that comics possess an educational goal except for a funny purpose?
  9. Consider the philosophy of Assassin’s Creed.
  10. Why do people speak and act like they are drunk when they become tired?

Argumentative Research Themes

  1. Provide examples of immigrants that cause effects on a land’s economy.
  2. Provide examples where the virtual environment causes violence or antisocial people.
  3. Provide reasons more expensive sports (for example, rowing and tennis) need to be more available to ethnic and social minorities.
  4. Why are laws so strict for single parents who want to adopt kids?
  5. Is it the right solution to go over new techniques of city planning?
  6. Provide pieces of evidence Andy Warhol succeeded in making high art available to a larger audience.
  7. Provide pieces of evidence that increasing the minimum wage assists in raising economic stability.
  8. Is it the right decision to permit the use of steroids in sports?
  9. Powerful ways of preventing cyberbullying.

Research Themes by Area of Study

Research essay ideas can be discovered in various areas of study that enable you to show an innovative approach and perform thorough research to put forward unique views and thoughts.

Natural Sciences

  1. Why does staying warm usually make us feel exhausted and sleepy?
  2. Name reasons for visual impairments, for example, special frequency.
  3. Why do birds fly in bad weather states and don’t become disoriented?
  4. What, in fact, happens to molecules when gas becomes plasma?
  5. Name reasons skin on a face more vulnerable to eruptions than any other part of the human body.
  6. Provide, if possible, several pieces of evidence of period alignment.
  7. Provide reasons for appearing allergies to food products (for instance: nuts and fruits).
  8. Provide actions that can be performed in third world lands in order to avert ecological catastrophes.
  9. Provide reasons for carbs harmful to insulin-resistant people.

Criminal Law and Justice

  1. Name several best solutions of the Supreme Court.
  2. Name several worst solutions of the Supreme Court.
  3. What does it suggest when the jury decrees that Bayer has to make payments in the Monsanto cancer trial?
  4. Ways of learners` protection from giving back learners’ loans.
  5. What steps can be performed to better family law?
  6. Name countries that possess the worst legal systems.
  7. Name countries that possess the best legal systems.
  8. Name the basic disadvantages of the US legal system.
  9. Ways of changing abortion laws to pro-choice.
  10. Define the level of probability of South American legal systems.

History (Anthropology, US, World)

  1. Define the notion of Operation Pastorius.
  2. Determine if the Norse religious practice existed in the Danelaw.
  3. Provide reasons for the Soviet Union`s intention to invade Afghanistan.
  4. Provide reasons the Germanics cancel their religion.
  5. Determine the most significant events in Latin American history.
  6. Determine if somebody foresaw the offensive of Nazism.
  7. Determine the history of the Yugoslav wars in the 90s.
  8. Provide reasons Greece became a philosophical center in ancient times.
  9. Determine ways of studying foreign languages were the 19th century.

Medical Research Themes (Psychology, Nursing, Dentistry)

  1. Name enhancements in dentistry performed in the 21st century.
  2. Implants are the perfect solution for a lost tooth.
  3. Define nutrition that can avert insulin resistance.
  4. Define the basic symptoms of PCOS and ways of dealing with them.
  5. Antipsychotics: define the pluses and minuses.
  6. Define the advantages of massage therapy.
  7. Name all possible ways of Autism treatment.
  8. Define the possible hazards of water birth.
  9. Explain how music therapy promotes lactation.
  10. Determine the impact of ageism on mental health and dependencies.

Business (finance, economics, marketing)

  1. Name the greatest businessmen of our century.
  2. Name the greatest businesswomen of our century.
  3. Trace the changes in business etiquette in the past several years.
  4. Define how the knowledge of culture can assist in doing business superiorly.
  5. Name the characteristics of team leaders and ways of becoming a powerful team leader.
  6. Provide reasons stock markets are becoming over and over popular.
  7. How does an all-female working environment look like?
  8. Define differences between the Islamic banking system and interest system.
  9. Define the effects of finding gold and diamonds on the economy.
  10. Explain the work of offshore bank accounts (in the happening of Panama papers).

Technology and Science

  1. Name several significant scientific breakthroughs of our century.
  2. Define the meaning of the number “0”.
  3. Define how fractals possess an unlimited perimeter but bounded area.
  4. Ways of performing quick mental calculations.
  5. Determine the mathematics over the NBA Draft lottery.
  6. Determination of the notion of the fourth dimension.
  7. Definition of the distinctions between parametric and nonparametric statistics.
  8. Determination of the greatest mathematicians of the modern century.

Social Sciences

  1. Determination of social matters that marked the starting of the 21st century.
  2. Provide pieces of evidence if there is a distinction in ways women and men get power.
  3. Trace the changes in women’s roles in the nation over time.
  4. Is there a need in the study of humanities to evolve critical thinking?
  5. Ways of preventing child marriages.
  6. Determination of the reasons for failing socialism.
  7. Define the effects of globalization on politics.
  8. Definition of the notion of “identity politics” and ways of its effects on society generally.
  9. Ways of ensuring child prosperity in underdeveloped lands.

Technology Themes

  1. Define the impacts of the latest enhancements in the automobile industry on the defense of the environment.
  2. Why are smartphones more resistant to viruses and bugs in comparison to PCs?
  3. Determination of the history of the Internet of Things.
  4. Why do vector graphics not become popular in comparison to pixels?
  5. Define some progress in technology connected with medicine.
  6. Definition of the notion “Molten Salt Nuclear Reactors”.
  7. Is it possible that everything would operate on solar power?
  8. Define how old recordings are converted to modern formats.
  9. Open and closed systems: definition of basic differences.
  10. Explanations of your smart electronic devices become slower over time.

Religion Themes

  1. Definition of common things in all religions.
  2. Provide reasons younger generations are less religious than older generations.
  3. Define the effects of terrorist attacks in religious buildings on religion in general.
  4. Determination of new and popular beliefs.
  5. Orthodox Christians & Catholic Christians: determination of basic distinctions.
  6. Why did people discontinue believing in numerous gods?
  7. Determination of impacts of religions on the reception of the evil and the good.
  8. Provide pieces of evidence that Abrahamic religions are the only ones that chastise non-believers.
  9. Is it possible that religion assists to vary the view of women in Arab cultures?
  10. Determination of impacts of religions on wars, from a historical viewpoint.

Social Media Themes

  1. Provide examples of social networks making people unsociable and lonely.
  2. Ways of protecting kids online.
  3. Ways of identifying pedophiles on social networks.
  4. Determination of reasons people possess the necessity to post everything online.
  5. Ways of stopping cyberbullying.
  6. Provide pieces of evidence that LinkedIn assists people to find jobs or further studies.
  7. Ways of making a rest against social networks.
  8. Is it possible to become social network addicted?
  9. Name the world-famous influencers on social networks.

That’s all! Hope our list was helpful for you. You can still find many interesting topics on various disciplines, which are not included in this list on the Internet (music, education, health, social issues, environment, art history, literature, British literature, genetics, etc.). Don’t panic and worry. Maybe the topic of your dream is already on our list, so review it again.

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