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How To Write A College Application Essay

Writing an essay for college admission is difficult but more than rewarding. It gives students an opportunity to explain to the admission officer who they are and what they are willing to achieve. This piece of information shares your ideas, aspirations, and personality and shows who you are apart from the grades and achievements.

Take some time and think about the people who will read your application. How will the essay make you stand out? There is no need to squeeze all your thoughts, awards, and ideas into a single document. Instead, understand what matters and makes you unique, and write about it in a genuine and clear manner.

Yes, an applicant essay can be hard, especially if you don’t have a prompt or don’t know how to discuss your thoughts. However, our college essay guidelines will surely be of great help, or you just make an order from our admission essay writing service. Read them and start writing the first draft without fear of being evaluated. With UrgentEssayWritingService you will achieve the best results and will be able to enter the college you have been dreaming of.

Tips for College Application Essay

Don’t know how to write an essay for a college application? Everything becomes simpler with UrgentEssayWritingService. Our writers, editors, and proofreaders have made a list of extra tricks and tips that will help you to enter any college and university.

Understand the Prompt

An apply essay may have an impact on your future. That is why it is crucial to take every stage seriously. We recommend starting with the prompt because it is impossible to create a perfect paper without understanding what you are asked to write about.

Usually, colleges give students a few prompts to choose from, so you can always pick the one which suits you the most. Some topics are more trivial, while others – require creativity and humor. Choose the most appealing one, and it will already be the first step to success.

Here are the things to keep in mind:

  • Read the prompt or question a few times and let it sink in.
  • Spend some time pondering on the question. Be sure that you know what the committee wants to hear.
  • Think of how the question applies to you and your life.
  • Define what you are willing to achieve. For example, to defend or support a certain position, inform the committee, and so on.
  • Never use your previously written essays even if the topic is very similar. They are never as deep as an application paper should be and may only distract you from the thoughts that might be hiding somewhere deep inside of you.


The next tips for college application essay we want to discuss concern the brainstorming process. It is very challenging and creative and requires lots of your skills and energy. Don’t even try to start writing before brainstorming. Without it, you won’t be able to understand the topic and define what you are going to write about.

To make the process simpler, follow the steps below:

  • Reflect on your past experiences. An application essay gives a great opportunity to think about your past and define your strengths, distinguishing features, and other important issues.
  • Write down all the ideas. No matter whether a certain idea sounds too minor or irrelevant, write it down. In the future, it might be very useful and enrich your essay.
  • Narrow the list to several options. Pick up to three ideas that are the most suitable for your prompt. Which idea can you develop to the maximum? What topic will engage the audience in the best way?
  • Pick the best topic. Finally, choose the topic with the biggest number of supporting details. The story should show your characteristics and traits in the best light. Read an application paper example or two if you still have doubts.

Work on the Outline

Once the topic is chosen, and the ideas are written down, it is necessary to create an outline. It’s an action plan and a roadmap of your future assignment. With an outline, you don’t have to worry about missing out on important details and facts.

  1. Divide the ideas you want to discuss into three sections: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Even though an application essay has a free flow, it should still have a beginning and end.
  2. Choose a hook. Depending on the topic and your personality, it can be a joke, a question, a dialogue, and even a quote. However, admission officers see those quotes regularly, so use only a rare and unique one.
  3. Use your own voice and style. When writing about yourself, it is important to develop your writing style. Don’t use someone else’s words. Plan this stage beforehand, and your text will always be smooth and organic.

Professional College Essay Guidelines

There is no common pattern on how to structure a college essay because everything depends on the information you are going to present and the data you want to fit in. But that is a great advantage of an application paper: you have the freedom to organize thoughts the way you want and to impress the committee with a unique approach. After reading the tips below, they will surely have a great impression.

Writing Stage

When you are writing an essay for applying to university, don’t overthink and begin with creating the first draft without paying attention to mistakes. When the first draft is written, return to the beginning and revise as many times as necessary. Here are a few tips that will help:

  • Your essay should be personal. Avoid too common and broad topics or descriptions that don’t tell the story of who you are.
  • Be specific. Develop the topic by using facts, details, examples, and quotes if necessary. There is nothing worse than inserting generic words and clichés.
  • Be brief. Include information that is necessary for your narration. If it is possible to delete some words or even sentences, do so.
  • Be yourself. The admission committee reads tons of application documents and knows when students use someone else’s essays or ask their parents to help with writing. Use humor, life examples, and don’t be afraid to be yourself!
  • Get familiar with a university application essay sample. It will give you a better understanding of the structure.

Proofreading Stage

Many students neglect this step and think that proofreading and editing are not important. However, mistakes in the text will surely make a bad impression on the committee, even if your essay is interesting. That is why we offer you a few valuable tips to polish an app essay:

  • Put the essay aside for some time. After the final draft is written, do other tasks or relax and return to it in a few hours or better days. This will give a fresh look and help to notice more mistakes.
  • Computer checks should only be assisting tools. They often miss mistakes and typos, so you should still conduct a manual check.
  • Ask someone to read your essay. Pick a person you trust (whether it is a parent, friend, or teacher) and ask to leave comments.
  • Read it out loud. It is proven that reading the text out loud gives a chance to find more mistakes and to understand whether the overall structure is smooth.
  • Consistency check. Ensure that the tenses are properly used and that you have included the college’s proper name.

An Application Paper Example

For many years I thought that learning is about memorizing material given by the teacher. Learning it by heart to perform at the exam and forget the information the next day. However, recently I realized that I was wrong.

During the summer months, I participated in a local college program side by side with high school students from all over the world. The goal of the course was to teach us how to think and learn in a non-conventional way. On day one, we put our phones and textbooks aside and never touched them for three weeks. All the tasks, experiments, and tests were completed solely by our mind without any distractions or hints.

And that is when I realized that learning is not about memorizing or using laptops and books. It is about thinking and evolving and doing it along with same-minded people for the community’s brighter future.

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