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How To Write A Resume For College Guidelines

What do you think of when you hear the word resume? Most likely, you imagine a document sent to a potential employer. However, another type of resume is becoming more and more popular no matter whether you are a student interested in French or science.

Resumes for college admission give educational facilities an image of your achievements, hobbies, work, involvement in social life, and other details apart from grades. A high school resume for college application includes a list of your key skills, club participation, and much more.

Unfortunately, writing this assignment is not easy without prior experience or talking to an educational counselor or at least your teacher. But you can try! Urgent Essay Writing Service experts are ready to explain how to make a resume for college and achieve outstanding results. Let’s go.

What to Include in a College Resume

You should remember that there is no single pattern on how to write a resume for college. Everything depends on your experience, skills, anticipated program and admission, and lots of other details. If you have a certain reward, there should be a corresponding section. If you have participated in a training course, make a bullet list with training, and so on.

However, there is a standard list of things to put on a college resume, which you can alter depending on the college of your interest and your own credentials. Below we are going to name them, and it is only up to you to choose which sections to include and which to avoid:

  • Heading. Here you should indicate your name, email, address, and phone number (optional). Under your name, you should write a subject line that gives the main idea about you.
  • High school data with the graduation date, SAT scores, rank in the class, etc.
  • Coursework. This section should include all possible courses, training programs, and workshops that you have completed and which aren’t a part of the standard curriculum.
  • Academic achievements: publications, awards, and honors.
  • Work experience
  • Social service, like being a volunteer at a local shelter.
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Skills. For example, computer proficiency, photography, foreign language mastership, and so on.
  • Hobbies.

As you understand, a high school resume aims to draw a more vivid picture of you as a person and show the admission board that you can become a member of their community with commonly shared values. A good resume for college application improves your chances of being accepted, especially if your scores are not that high.

What Should a College Resume Look Like

Writing a high school college resume takes time and effort. It is not that easy to distinguish relevant information, understand what makes you stand out, and decide what sections to include. If you can’t answer these questions on your own, it is better to turn to a professional writer who will help to process the material and draw the best picture of you as a potential college student.

Admission essay writing service experts have also made a list of tips that will make your college app resume good-looking and polished.

  • Be brief and precise

Even though you are proud of things, not all of them should be mentioned in your schools resume. Choose skills and achievements which show that you are a good candidate and are suitable for the program. Knitting with granny at elementary school is great but not so important.

  • Show your commitment

Instead of listing tens of activities in different clubs and programs, it is better to concentrate on two or three where you have contributed the most.

  • Be detailed

The admission committee always praises candidates with a detailed college interview resume, so whenever it’s possible, quantify your achievements, indicate your responsibilities, and give other information. No common words and phrases: they are not informative and will surely bore the reader.

  • Indicate things that were missed out in a college essay

This assignment gives you a great opportunity to show the things that you couldn’t write. For example, if you are a jogger and regularly participate in local and state events, a high school resume is a good place to indicate it. This hobby will show that you are in good shape, are motivated, and goal-oriented.

  • Be honest

Colleges review resumes regularly and know how to distinguish an honest student from a dishonest one. If something seems suspicious, they will call your teacher to verify the information. Practicing for a soccer game 25 hours a week sounds impressive but is probably not true. To be on the safe side, always remain honest.

  • Remember about formatting

It is difficult to appreciate a resume if it is complex and doesn’t look organic. That is why college good resumes for high school students should contain headings, lists, and clear font. Depending on the most skilled areas, you might choose a chronological or a functional format. It is better not to use different colors. And don’t forget to edit and proofread your resume for the best result.

How Long Should a College Resume Be

Now, when you know what to include in a college resume and how to make it look really good, there is only one question left: how many pages the resume should consist of. There is no single answer because everything depends on how broad your skills and experiences are.

Usually, one page is enough. Two pages are acceptable, but if it is possible, it is better to stick to a single-page format by deleting irrelevant parts or using a compact layout. The good idea is to reduce the font size and the margins. However, the text should remain readable and easy on the eye.

College Application Resume Example

Miranda Wilson

A skilled graduate willing to continue education and become an academician

678 Street Lane

New York, NY, 654321

(012) 777 – 7777


New York Private School, New York – High School Diploma

3.4 GPA

September 2017 – June 2021


Chess Club – President

October 2017 – present

  • Hold weekly meetings
  • – Organize school contests
  • – Plan monthly club events

Work experience:

  • – Sunday School. I teach toddlers.  
  • – Babysitting. Three times a week I babysit Smiths’ children, one of them with an autism spectrum.


  • – Communication
  • – Planning
  • – Leadership
  • – Fluent in Spanish


  • – Chess
  • – Swimming

We Are Here for You to Help

Now you know what a college resume looks like and which sections your document should include. Remember, this resume gives you a great opportunity to point out the after-school activities and the clubs and events you participate in. It is a sort of advertising which goes beyond a simple list of grades. That is why the main tip to ensure a further degree is to play all the cards you have to the maximum.

Hopefully, you already know how long a college resume should be and what sections it is better to include. But if you feel stressed, tired, or have no time, there is no need to worry. There are people who are always ready to help and guide you in this journey.

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