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Best Ways To Write Essays In The Last Minute

A tired, exhausted, sleepy, stressed student is not uncommon in the 21st century. Teachers believe that if a student does not devote his day to studying numerous sources and does not deplete the body with student tasks, he will not achieve success in his career and will not receive enough knowledge. Why don’t teachers think about the other side of the coin? Why is it the norm to neglect personal life for the sake of study?

If you want to break these stereotypes, we will support you! Student life can be bright, filled with positivity, enough sleep, food, hobbies, and entertainment. How can this be achieved? Learn to write essays at the last minute. Most likely, you will think that this is impossible. However, there are three ways to write an essay in the shortest possible time:

  1. Essay writing at night. Dedicate a day to personal affairs and a night to create an essay. However, remember that this method should not be used more than twice a week, leading to emotional burnout.
  2. Contacting professional writers at UrgentEssayWritingService. Delegate writing assignments to authors with years of experience creating academic papers and enjoy some free time watching movies or doing other things.
  3. Following the essay writing algorithm. We’ve developed step-by-step instructions on creating a last-minute essay that you can apply to other assignments.

Below you will find guidelines on how to stay energetic, cheerful, and fresh-headed, even if your deadline is close. We also shared tips on how not to sacrifice content and quickly create high-quality articles.

Prepare Work Environment

The first tip to help you focus is preparing your work environment. There may be distractions around you that may seem insignificant at first glance. Therefore, use these tips to generate ideas and logical paragraphs quickly:

  1. Reduce distractions. This advice implies the elimination of various noises: people talking, listening to music, watching TV, surfing the Internet, and social networks. We strongly recommend blocking social media, websites, and pop-up applications. For more efficiency, use earplugs that mask any noise. This method will be beneficial for you in the future when writing dissertations. Also, be sure to warn your roommates that you need silence if you live in a dorm.
  2. Free your workplace from unnecessary things. Working in a mess is hard. Therefore, remove cups, books, and other objects from the table that interfere with concentration. Remember that it is not worth cleaning the entire room, as this is an excuse for not completing a task.
  3. Gather materials for writing an essay. Prepare in advance notes, articles, magazines that are needed to argue ideas – finding material while writing will confuse you. To stay awake, brew coffee in a thermos and cook the sandwiches.
  4. Tune in to the positive. Now that you have everything you need at your fingertips – meditate for five minutes. The thought that you have to write an essay in a couple of hours instead of a few days can be intimidating. Therefore, take a deep breath and exhale, close your eyes, tune in to the positive, and think that in a few hours, this test will end.
  5. Use motivation tools when working at night. As we already mentioned, working at night is harder, as productivity and content quality decrease. Also, do not forget that the next day you will be tired. However, if there is no other option, use the following tips. First, don’t drink a lot of caffeine – only drink if you feel like falling asleep. Secondly, do not write an essay in bed, as your brain will relax and refuse to think. Third, wear work clothes – don’t wear pajamas, as your brain will automatically be programmed to sleep.

In addition to the tips above, we want to draw your attention to a general recommendation – exercise. Don’t work continuously for three or more hours – take five-minute breaks for refreshes and exercises to help you invigorate. Also, do not schedule complex tasks for the next day – give your body and mind a rest.

Prepare Yourself For Writing An Essay

An essay requires deep research, collection, and analysis of information. Decide on the best essay ideas ahead of time, so you don’t waste time rewriting. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your essay:

  1. Read the essay requirements carefully. Practice shows that students read the requirements fluently. However, such papers contain tips to help you gather the best information and build the article’s structure. For example, the teacher can indicate the volume of the essay. As a result, you will not have to waste time writing unnecessary words. The teacher can also indicate the citation style, paper format, literature for inspiration, and other essential details that you do not have to think of. Read the requirements carefully, and in case of misunderstandings, contact the teacher.
  2. Create an outline for a future article. There are several ways to write plans: bulleted lists, maps, pictures, diagrams, columns. In each type of outline, you will need to indicate the main points and evidence to support the ideas. Even the most seasoned writers start with a sketch. Therefore, you should not neglect planning, as it will allow you not to miss anything important.

Preparation includes only two steps. You should not delay this process just for the sake of not writing an essay for as long as possible. The sooner you get started on the assignment, the sooner you will free yourself from writing problems.

Research Sources Carefully

What makes an essay great? Carefully researched sources are the key to success. Even if the timeline for writing an essay is short, the article should include thoughtful arguments. Your opinion is only important if it is supported by strong evidence. Fortunately, students today have many ways to find the information they need. In general, it may take you half an hour to find the arguments. Here are some tips to make it easier to analyze information:

  • Based on the plan, look for sources that match your opinion.
  • Use Google Scholar. The platform collects academic sources from many disciplines. Thanks to their selection, you will not have to waste time checking the accuracy of information. Google Scholar adds books, articles, research by authoritative writers to the collection. The developers took care of the students and created filters that helped you quickly find relevant sources.
  • Wikipedia can help out in difficult times. Many experts argue that it is best not to use Wikipedia articles for your papers. However, we believe that Wikipedia is the starting point for research. Platform editors often cite authoritative sources. By clicking on the link, you can make sure that the information is correct. Use the Wikipedia bibliography and save time selecting relevant books.

Besides Wikipedia and Google Scholar, there are many other ways to find information. For example, by keywords in online libraries.

Write An Essay In The Last Minute

If you have minimal time to write an essay, you can skip the first two steps and proceed to the main task. In order not to lose motivation, you should choose an interesting and compelling topic. Think about the problems you are worried about or your ideas to convey to your readers. For example, people are concerned about global warming, gender inequality, and distance learning. There are always enough sources of information on the most interesting topics – the search for arguments will take ten minutes.

In doing so, remember that your classmates will also touch on popular topics. Therefore, you should come up with a title that is unlike any other. Suppose you and your classmate are covering the topic of global warming. To make the articles different, talk about the fact that global warming does not exist. This way, you can surprise the teacher and get rid of public opinion. Here are some more tips to help you get the assignment done:

  1. Write a catchy introduction. Use shocking statistics, jokes, quotes, aphorisms, or discussion questions as hooks.
  2. Write a thesis – the main idea that you want to prove.
  3. Write short but informative main paragraphs. You don’t have time for verbosity. Please talk about your thoughts straight away and back them up with arguments. One section equals one argument.
  4. Use transition words to make your paragraphs coherent and logical.
  5. Write a conclusion. You can rephrase your thesis and summarize your arguments. Use rhetorical questions or catchphrases to keep the reader interested and motivated. The conclusion should not carry new information.
  6. Reread the thesis and arguments. All these elements must be related and sound clear. If you are unsure of the veracity of the facts, find more truthful ones.
  7. Insert links to facts and quotes you used. At the same time, format the article in the same style.

As you can see, you only need a little creativity. The technical aspects are not tricky.

Check Essays On Plagiarism

Many students copy other people’s work without thinking about copyright. In addition to violating US Intellectual Property Law, they can damage their academic reputation. Reflecting on a topic is much more difficult than rewriting someone else’s ideas. So if you want to get a good grade, think about plagiarism. Every time you cite someone, add a link or book title – it all depends on the citation style. You will not be able to cheat because teachers check articles for plagiarism.

Here are two ways to help you figure out if your article is unique:

  1. Online check for plagiarism. There are many free and paid plagiarism detection tools available on the Internet. For example, Grammarly and Citation Machine can assess the paper’s originality in a matter of minutes. You need to upload your document and get a plagiarism report.
  2. Plagiarism check by our experts. In addition to checking the article for plagiarism, our experts will help you improve the sentences that spoil the borrowing rate.

Whichever option you choose, you will still save yourself from a tainted academic reputation.

Proofread And Edit Essay

While an urgent essay may not give you enough time to polish it, you shouldn’t skip this step. Donate a few minutes for proofreading and editing. Due to a mistake, the teacher may not accept the article or lower the grade. Therefore, keep these tips in mind when completing your editing:

  1. Pay attention to the structure of the essay. All paragraphs should respond to each other and logically follow each other. If some paragraphs sound like you took them out of context, phrase your thoughts differently or delete the sentences.
  2. Write a plan for the finished article. This approach allows you to understand whether you have formed your thoughts well. Read your paper and highlight the main point of each paragraph. If the ideas complement each other, you did a good job; if something sounds unnatural, swap, replace arguments or rewrite paragraphs.
  3. Make sure your thesis is strong. It is not worth talking about well-known facts that do not require confirmation. The thesis should be short (1 sentence) and easy to understand. If the thesis does not motivate the reader to study the article further, you risk being unheard.

When you’ve finished proofreading your article, be sure to check your spelling and punctuation. If you are on a very tight deadline, you can use the online error handling tools. However, it is better to check manually since artificial intelligence is not able to recognize all mistakes.

To make your grammar editing more efficient, read the text aloud. If possible, give the article to someone who estimates the paper’s tone, information content, and clarity. A fresh look will also help identify mistakes, which you have not noticed. Your best bet is to contact the UrgentEssayWritingService editors. Our experts are native speakers, know all the written rules, and bring the text to perfection. So you not only save time but also increase the chances of getting a decent grade.

UrgentEssayWritingService Your Best Helper

If you have never written an essay before, then this task may not be within your power. However, this does not mean that you are doomed to fail. UrgentEssayWritingService is ready to help you 24/7. Experts constantly monitor changes in the requirements for the content and design features of the work. If you order the writing of an essay in our company, you can not worry about the quality of design, content, the presence of grammatical and punctuation errors. Authors can handle papers of any complexity!

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