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How To List Relevant Coursework On Resume With Examples

Before we proceed to how to add related coursework on a resume, we need to determine what related coursework means? “Relevant coursework” is a nonobligatory entry-level resume segment that involves coursework you’ve finished connected to the job you desire to have. 

Moreover, this segment can involve various projects, academic accomplishments, extracurriculars, and volunteer activities. Are you a learner or have you recently graduated? Relevant/related coursework is a great idea to show your proficiency without sufficient pros experience. 

Instead of this, concentrate on the pros, skills, and accomplishments you’ve gained. In addition, if you desire to have a job that doesn’t consider relevant coursework necessary in the employing process (for example, a cashier or waiter), this segment can not be needed. Instead of this, focus on prioritizing technical abilities and previous experience. 

If you desire to have a job that highlights the significance of educational experiences, for example, an internship, focus on adding a related coursework segment to your CV. For hints, view the job information to help you comprehend what the employer expects from candidates. If they’re viewing for a particular degree, certification, portfolios, or GPA rates, these indicators, involving coursework, would be effective.

Ways to Add Related Coursework in Resume

You possess several opportunities when adding relevant coursework to your CV (for example, a column format and detailed format). Don’t worry if you don’t know how to add related coursework to your resume. We prepared some simple ideas to make you understand how to put relevant coursework in your resume.

  • Utilize a single-column format. The single-column format seems like the section containing info about education in your CV, just presenting your related coursework on your CV in the list method;
  • Utilize a multi-column format. Moreover, if the job you desire to have, needs experience in several areas, you can make groups of columns into sections;
  • Utilize a detailed format. Besides, the detailed format gives extra data on the subjects you decide to add. This format will seem more similar to what you would usually observe under a pro experience segment, pointing to the subject and school title, times you practiced the subject, and several points attaching great importance to relevant pieces of knowledge or accomplishments from the subject;
  • Utilize an additional line. Add related coursework on a CV in an additional line (your education segment is the perfect place).

If the related coursework segment is the main peculiarity of an experience, consider putting it at the principal part of your CV, where a pro experience section is usually placed. If you’ve determined that the last option is suitable for you, select the detailed format.

Adding a relevant coursework segment to your CV can be a greatly effective means to demonstrate the value you’ll deliver to the hirer’s company. Remember about job description when determining what data to add in the coursework segment and where to put it on your CV.

If the job position you’re applying for expects powerful academic experience and letters of credence, you can think about highlighting a whole resume part solely for your relevant coursework.

Pieces of Advice on Including Professional Relevant Coursework on CV

When including relevant coursework on a CV, keep in mind:

  • Constantly adapt your CV to the job proposal. If the job position expects a lot of related experience, including relevant coursework on your CV, it will not provide anything good. In such situations, avoid focusing on including relevant coursework and concentrate on your abilities;
  • If coursework is especially connected with the job position, think about placing it in the center of your CV;
  • If you choose to include relevant coursework in your CV, it’s a great idea to add additional related educational information, such as GPA scores, academic awards, grants, etc.;
  • Accept the relevant coursework segment as an extra possibility to supplement the ATS and add powerful CV keywords to increase your chances;
  • Don’t include just your coursework that you completed. Add the appropriate educational projects and analysis to supplement weight to your CV;
  • If you finished online classes, you can include them too;
  • We stated it earlier; still, we will remind it again: be confident that placing relevant coursework on your CV has meaning. Don’t place it there simply to fill up empty space. Relevancy is key for success.

Examples of Related Coursework in the CV

We have already indicated how to place related coursework on a CV, so now it is time to consider some examples.

A single-column format:

Relevant Coursework

  • Political Journalism;
  • Sports Journalism;
  • Newsday Student Newspaper, Editor.

A multi-column format:

Relevant Coursework


  • Political Journalism;
  • Sports Journalism;
  • Newsday Student Newspaper, Editor.


  • Research Internship;
  • Comparative literary studies;
  • English literature.

A detailed format:

Relevant Coursework

Political Journalism, School of Journalism, Northwestern university

Fall 2017–present

  • Learn leading tenets and importance of political journalism;
  • Form and support a logical process for determining alternatives when challenged with a political issue;
  • Support solutions to editors, co-workers, and audience at the end of the year.

Sports Journalism, School of Journalism, Northwestern university

Fall 2017–present

  • Understand high-level rules for carrying proper, powerful journalism for a sports audience;
  • Irrespective research at the end of the year with the possibility to report from Spain accomplished honorable mention.

Editor, Newsday, Northwestern university

Spring 2017

  • Manage a team of 5 journalists reporting global, public, and regional themes for the school newspaper;
  • Champion, the best student newspaper from the Department of Journalism.

Samples for Relevant Coursework in Resume in Education Section

Finally, let’s consider samples of adding relevant coursework in the resume in the education section. Except just adding a line, we can utilize bullet points and detailed bullet points.

An additional line:

2017 BA in Psychology

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Relevant Coursework: Child Psychology, Psychological Statistics, Social Psychology

Bullet points:

2017 BA in Psychology

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Relevant Coursework:

  • Child Psychology;
  • Psychological Statistics;
  • Social Psychology.

Detailed bullet points

2017 BA in Psychology

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Relevant Coursework:

  • Child Psychology: examined various facets of language in the scope of child cognitive abilities;
  • Psychological Statistics: understood how to translate study outcomes into statistically meaningful studies;
  • Social Psychology: wrote a semester article on behavior changes when a person is in a group of close friends and a group of co-workers or supervisors from work.

At last, don’t forget to proofread your CV, check it for errors and mistakes. If you are not sure about this, rely on urgent essay writing service. They are always ready to support college students and be really helpful. They will check your CV without problems.

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