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The essay is a type of writing that conveys the course of reasoning of the student, his attitude to the world, people, certain phenomena, actions, and impressions. Reflections reproduce the verbal abilities of the student and his intellect, awareness, and psychological characteristics. As a rule, the essay has the internal and external motivation, which becomes a reason for reflection. For example, a life fact or event, a book read, or a meeting with an extraordinary person.

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The principles of essay writing consist of several stages. The very formulation of the problem, its wording will be expressed in the thesis, which is crucial organizing, semantic, compositional, logical chain of thought development. Thesis — a briefly formulated leading idea of ​​the work, article, report, and correctness must be proved. In the thesis, we present the problem statement’s hypothesis, so the argument is the starting point of our reasoning. Most often, the thesis consists of a single sentence, which outlines the problem, which should be developed, commented, and argue their position with a well-chosen and applied evidence.

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The essay’s logic is manifested in the compositional structuring of the stages of thought development, consistent presentation of their arguments, the connection between the previous and next opinion, the relevance of the facts used, and their semantic motivation. It is logic that creates the way to the optimal understanding of the student’s view and determines acceptance. Philosophy is the ability of a person to think correctly, that is, to think logically and consistently set out their reasoning.

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During the essay creation, the student must be able to: write a text, following the structure, expressing their own opinions about the proposed topic. It is logical to present one’s arguments and to argue them appropriately and correctly. Select examples from literature, other arts, history, socio-political life, and interpret them appropriately and accurately.

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